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December Birthstone-Tanzanite
By: Dee ~ 12/1/2016

Decemeber has three different options for Birthstones. Tanzanite, Turquise and Blue Zirconia,as well as backup option in Blue Topaz. My favorite is the Tanzanite. There is something about the blue-purple sparkle shades that makes it so unique for me and others.

Tanzanite, named after the country it can be found, Tanzania, this gemstone is new to the party. The first mines to deposit this gemstone began in the 60's. At first mistaken for sapphire, it was later learned that this was a whole new stone to be added to the variety of stones in the world. Many jewelers fell in love with this stone due to is vivid blue color and high clarity.

                               VickensTanzaniteRingEP_s.jpg                            tanzanite.jpg

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