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December Birthstone-Turquoise & Zircon
By: Dee ~ 12/8/2016

turquoise earings.jpgTurquoise and Zircon are another great options as a birthstones for December.

Turquoise is considered to be one of the oldest gems in the world. People around the globe have been wearing or carving it for over 3,000 years. It is only found in a few places on Earth: where copper rich ground water seeps through soil and downward. Turquoise has been thought to guarantee health, good fortune, and ward off evil. As well, it is a widely used stone for amulets and jewelry of Native American's in the SouthWest US. Learn more about the history and lore, and internal makeup of this gem from the GIA.blue zircon and diamonds.jpg

Zircon, often times is confused as a subsitute for Diamonds, and indeed it's name means "imitation". However, in the early 1900's it was replaced by better diamond imitations. And, now the gemstone needs to be loved for its qualities! Zircon actually has a wide range of color, which is how many scientist believe it got its name. It is thought to help a wearer sleep soundly, drive away evil spirits, and promote wisdom. Learn more about the history and lore, and makeup of Zircon from the GIA.