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Red Carpet Jewelry Inspiration
By: Dee & Noam ~ 3/2/2017

While it was really fun and entertaining to watch the 2017 Oscars with the jaw dropping moments when Faye Dunaway unwittingly read the wrong card for the best picture award, crowning La La Land instead of Moonlight, there were still pliantly of other jaw dropping moments at the jewelry department. And as much as we adore these bold, beautiful jewelry and the celebrities’ who wore them, let’s admit it, most of us can’t afford these jewelry and/or don’t get an innovation to the Oscars or any similar event where we can were them. But still, we all love to buy and wear jewelry, as a way to express ourselves and our emotions, as well as for celebrating special moments in our life. Our jewelry tells our stories and indicates milestones and memories.

We all celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other family and community events, where we like to get dressed and use our jewelry. Here are some of our choices for your own red carpet experience.


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