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Jewelry with a story
By: Dee & Noam ~ 7/9/2017

The first time she came in to set a missing small diamond in her band. She is one of this people that you instantly feel comfortable to start a conversation, so we had a small talk about jewelry, family, places and what not. Few days later, when she came in to pick up her ring, she said they’ll be celebrating their 27th anniversary soon and planning on another proposal and new rings. She wanted to pick her new ring and bands and wanted him to surprise her with the proposal. She tried on some rings and band, before deciding on the new setting for her original diamond and two anniversary bands to go with the ring.  And all that time we talked and talked, sharing these little stories and thoughts about kids, hobbies, politics and jewelry, getting to know each other. Then she left saying that her husband will come later to order the rings. She didn’t want to know when he’s ordering or picking up the rings, she wanted a surprise proposal.

When he came in, tall and quiet, as she described him and order the rings, you could tell this long time love story is still alive. He orders the rings and they both visited us again the next day to pick a new ring for him. Few weeks after when he picked up the rings he still didn’t know how he is going to propose, but he promise to keep us posted. The proposal took place weeks later. He knew she will see the charge on the credit card, since she is the one who take care of the credit card balance, so he needed some time to go by for her to forget about it. He did want to surprise her. It ended up as a beautiful and emotional surprise proposal at the Washington Park Arboretum (he knew she loves flowers!) where during the hike, he suddenly stopped, turn to her and declaim the poem he wrote for their second proposal:

So cold.
So dreary.
So much longing--unfulfilled.

Is it real?
Is there such a thing?
Hints of spring--remembered?
Or just imagined?

Can there even be such joy?
Or is there only this?
Frozen, colorless, lifeless, lonely.


A glimpse.
A bit of color exposed.
Will it last?
Is it a sign of what's coming,
Or a simply vain attempt to escape this present?


More signals appear.
Things begin to brighten.
My mood lifts.
There is more to experience here.
There is joy to experience here.

I look more closely,
Engage all my senses.

I see it.
Forcing its way from its cocoon.
It opens further.
Full of life.


There's no restraining it.
The blossom bursts into the daylight.
It has my full attention.
The beauty overwhelms me.

This is the joy I've heard of.
This is the joy I've been longing for.
This is the joy I want to marry.


Now they were both ready. He was down on his knee, with the rings, asking the love of his life:
“Will you marry me again?”
After 27 years and three children, they both chose each other again.
That’s how we love to sell our jewelry – with the story.

Thank you Michelle & Steven for sharing your story with us and let us be a part of it.

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