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Online shopping: the Future of the Shopping Industry
By: Dee ~ 10/8/2015

Now-a-days most consumers are shopping online to get their goods. It’s so easy. Three clicks and then poof it’s at your door. There is no fault at all to going the easy route in the busy-ness that we call life. However, there are a lot of things to think about. Sure, some websites seem to have cheaper pricing; but, isn’t buying from a trusted and respected source something to think about too?

Recently, we read an article that said 44% of online shoppers go straight to Amazon. 34% use normal search engines to find products. Only 21% percent of shoppers go directly to a specific retailer’s website. Now this is absolutely wonderful for Amazon and other companies; don’t get us wrong. But, why would you go to someone who is an electronic supplier to get a diamond ring?! That’s like asking your mechanic to do a check up on your dog. As well, are these big corporations actually seeing and handling what they are selling? We can assure you that we see and touch every piece we sell, to ensure the quality. Not to mention, read through the terms and conditions of any online retailer! Know exactly what you’re signing up for. Don’t be blind-sided by return policies and specific details that you were not in the mood to read through. Protect yourself, by going about buying online in the smartest way possible.

If you want quality from someone who is versed in a specific trade, then go to the website of someone who knows what they are doing. Don’t go to the website of the guy who offers you every single thing under the sun. A vendor of everything, is versed and knowledgeable in nothing.