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Spring cleaning your jewelry box
By: Dee & Noam ~ 3/17/2016

IMG_1976(200).jpgSpring is in the air with an amazing bloom of bright colors, but it is also a kickoff all those reminders for spring cleaning, so we can’t ignore it anymore. We suggest to start with something fun, and not too hard, like your jewelry box, which will help you keep going.

If looking into your jewelry box doesn’t inspire you to enjoy wearing your pieces, spring cleaning can work wonders for your jewelry box. So, make yourself comfortable at a table and go through all your jewelry collection.  Check for broken clasps, worn or bend prongs and links, or any missing stones. It is also a good time to make a list of your high value pieces with digital photo for your insurance claims in case of loss or theft.

Spread everything out and separate the jewelry in to two groups.

Your favorites - These are the jewelry you mostly love and wear- Bring those pieces in for cleaning and inspection. A few minutes of our complimentary deep cleaning will bring the sparkle back to your jewelry. After that they will be checked for weak links, loose stones or worn prongs to avoid problem in the future.

Unworn/unwanted/broken - These are all the broken pieces, singles earring and old jewelry that you don’t wear anymore, and can turn into money you can use for new piece or to re-propose your old family pieces that you don’t want to let go, to something you would wear, keeping your family memories alive. 

Finish your jewelry box spring cleaning with appropriate storing.  Make sure your jewelry is not jumbled together and store them separately in cloths bags or their original box, to avoid pieces getting tangled or from scratching each other

For more tips on caring for your jewelry read the GIA article: http://www.gia.edu/gia-news-research-Tips-Caring-Jewelry