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Stacking Rings
By: Dee & Noam ~ 3/31/2016

Stacked rings trend continues into 2016. This is an easy and fun way to build up a unique statement ring. Stacked rings also became popular in the bridal world. Today’s wedding bands are much more than a simple band. Today’s brides are looking for the band that complements the ring, but can also be worn on its own, which allows every bride to create her own sparkle combination. More and more woman wants to wear the bands as everyday standalone pieces and to wear the engagement ring on the right hand. Stackable ring are versatile and work great for that, considering the wide range of styles available on the market.

RachelBrooksStackableRingsB03312016.jpgRachel Brooks Stackable Rings


RachelBrooksStackableRingsBlog03312016.jpgRachel Brooks Stackable Rings

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