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Rose Gold is here to stay
By: Dee & Noam ~ 4/21/2016

Rose gold has been a growing trend in jewelry designs and became very popular. Its characteristics make its beauty something that isn’t just a trend anymore. The allure of the rose gold helps the bride who’s looking for something unique and different to choose this gorgeous metal for her engagement ring.


The Rose Gold is a combination of metals, mainly gold and copper. It has a range of hues, from pale pink-yellow to pink orange, depend on the ratio of gold and copper. The rose hue creates feeling of warmth, and works particularly well with vintage and floral inspired designs of rings, because it specific romantic essence to its looks and feels.


Rose Gold looks stunning with diamonds or colored gemstones. It has a unique, sophisticated and feminine look that compliment any skin tone. The Rose Gold hue compliment other metals tones, so the rose gold jewelry can mix and match with other jewelry in a wardrobe.