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Diamonds - Where Do They Come From?
By: Dee & Noam ~ 6/16/2016

WhereDoTheyComeFrom061616A.jpgDiamonds are the most famed and valuable gemstone. Its sparkle, durability, and rarity make the diamond the hardest substance on earth.

Diamonds were formed millions and billions of year ago, 90-120 miles below the earth’s surface, where extreme temperature (up to almost 3000 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure, turns pure carbon into colorless diamond crystals. The diamonds reached the earth surface through volcanic eruptions. On their way to the surface of earth, the diamonds occasionally mix with trace amount of other mineral and, take on a variety of colors. Colorless diamonds are rare and expensive. Most diamonds have a brown, or yellow shade in them. Those diamonds that have a strong color of blue, red, orange, pink, or green are the rarest.

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First diamonds were found in India before the 18th century. Diamonds were discovered in Brazil in 1725, just as the production in India was dwindling. Diamond was also found in North America in the 1840’s, and in Africa in the 1860’s-1870. Most of the diamonds today are mined in Africa, Russia and Canada.

Only 30% of the diamonds mined are gem quality, all the rest go toward industrial purposes like cutting, polishing, grinding hard surface, manipulate concrete, metal ceramic, computer chips, eyeglasses, stones, and other gems. Diamonds are also used as parts of surgical blades, heat spreaders, and specialty windows.