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Made In The USA
By: Dee & Noam ~ 6/23/2016

There are so many reasons to buy American-made products. From safety, quality reasons to economy, social, environment and other reasons.  There is a growing trend among customers to buy more products that made here in the US from local, regional or US vendors and manufactories to benefits our local communities.

As a local independent jewelry shop we have more control and choices, when we hand-pick our inventory. In our showcases you can find much jewelry that is made here in the US, among others from all over the world. They are not always more expensive, but you can defiantly tell the difference in the quality and unique craftsman when you see them in person and touch them.

4th of July, our Independent day will be here in couple weeks and it will be the perfect time to highlight and appreciate the beautiful Jewelry that created and manufactured here in the USA and that we are proudly offer in our shop. And now during our Red, "White" & Blue Sale, you can have all our American-made jewelry 20% off. All other jewelry in store are 15%

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