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Don't Lose Your Diamonds
By: Dee ~ 8/10/2016

Did you know that swimming in your jewelry can damage it? What about putting on hand lotion? Your jewelry gets knocked around daily, or caught in clothing, even dropped from great heights! Well, great heights for a piece of jewelry; but, most of all your jewelry gets worn and tarnished from everyday wear. All these dastardly deeds are the death knell for the prongs holding those precious stones in place. The prongs are the only thing standing between your diamond, and the worst game of hide and seek ever. 

How can you protect your jewelry's fiercest protectors? By getting regular checkups at the jewelers. A simple cleaning can remove many of the harmful contaminents attacking the metal in your prongs. But, more than that, regular checkups can let your jeweler fix any prongs that have succumbed to the everyday wear and tear; and thusly put your mind at ease. 

What should you do?

  • Bring your jewelry into us for a free cleaning and inspection every SIX months.
  • Do not sleep in your jewelry; even your earrings are at risk while you catch some z's. 
  • Apply all your makeup, lotions, perfumes, and hair products Before you put on your jewelry. 
  • After any resizing appointment, have your jeweler test the prongs, and secure any that might be coming loose. Resizings are sometimes the hardest procedure on your little warriors, so always have them checked.

If you follow these simple steps, your jewelry will last a lifetime; which means one day they can be passed on to loved ones who will cherish them just as you do.