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Wedding Anniversary Gems
By: Dee ~ 8/25/2016

Gemstones have traditionally been used to symbolize different celebratory occasions, throughout time and continents. The most common use has been birthstones; but, in 1912 an organization known as "The Jeweler Of America" created the modern birthstone list, and a list for anniversaries. Since then, more than one authoritative wedding anniversary gemstone list has been created.

Based on those lists, the GIA have made some selections for wedding anniversary gems to help you find the perfect jewelry gift for your loved one.

If you are only in the first decade of your marriage, check here.

If you are further along, like the second decade, check here.

And, if you're past the 20 year mark, check here

Hopefully, these lists will help you impress the love of your life on the next anniversary!