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Engagement Ring Shopping
By: Dee ~ 9/8/2016

Have you started looking around for an engagement ring? Are you at a complete loss for what to be aware of? Well, first things first, then: Take a Deep breath, relax, and enjoy the journey. We're here to help.

Firstly, check your girlfriend's Pinterest for possible engagement ring ideas. We guarentee she has been thinking about it for awhile, and has probably pinned a few options that she really likes. You can also ask her friends for tips and pointers. Sure they'll need to learn to keep a secret; but, her friends are one of those under utilized resources, that will make your shopping experience so much better. 

multisizer gauge_2.JPG

Secondly, find out her ring size. Now, there's many options for how to work this one out. Such as, take a ring she wears on her ring finger, from her jewelry box, with you to the store. Or, again, use the friends! See if they haven't been chatting about ring sizes, along with dream rings. Or, check with the jewelry store you are working with to see if they have a tool to help. We provide our customers with a free multisizer gauge that you can take home and size her finger with, if it's no secret that you're buying a ring. Otherwise maybe try to size it while she sleeps, if she's a heavy sleeper. If she isn't, try using our sizer on a ring she wears a lot. 

You may be thinking, it's not a big deal to know her ring size; but, we assure it is. Rings these days have such intricate designs, with lots of little diamonds, that it is better to purchase the ring in the proper size, rather than to have to size it later and risk ruining the integrity and beauty of the ring; which puts the ring at risk of losing all those little diamonds. You may be thinking, it's not a big deal to know her ring size; but, we 

Now, lastly, know your budget! This is also a very important part. Always have your budget in mind, and make sure to include the diamond in that budget.  It's not fun to fall in love with a ring, only to realize it is outside your monetary comfort zone. If you walk into the jewelry store with a budget in mind, the jewelers will help you find the perfect ring, at the perfect price. 

Now go on, go find the ring of her dreams!