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Fall Trend:Earth, Crystal, and Elevated Homemade
By: Dee ~ 9/22/2016

RDC 176.jpg


This Fall Trend is three in one. Earthy elements such as darker, rough cut gemstones are big on the runways this year; and we have some options that are more suited, and still perfect, for everyday wear. From chunky rough peridot necklaces to a woodsy amethyst rose gold ring, the options are endless for Earth inspired jewelry.

Crystal elements, comes across as very full sparkle jewelry. Many options offered come from everyone's go to, Swarovski. But, we choose to interpret it as Diamond Elegance, because nothing sparkles more than diamonds. We have options that fit into every budget and sparkle all through the night. From diamond encrusted tennis bracelets to diamond starburst earrings, you can find the perfect statement piece to grace your jewelry box.

Lastly, Elevated Homemade, is exactly what it sounds like. Jewelry with an air of homemade elegance. Think beaded necklaces, to teardrop earrings. This trend takes the comfort jewelry road, and shows off everyday pieces in an elegant light. This falls perfectly in line with earthy elements, and even the crystal idea!

So feel free to mix and match the different trends to get a style that truly belongs to you!