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Fall Fashion Trends:Back to the 90s
By: Dee ~ 9/29/2016

12738_dog-ring-side-E1.jpgWho would've thought the 90's jewelry trends would come back? Punk, silver, charms, chains, and yes, even chokers made their debut this fall on runways across the world. However, even 90's kids will agree, some of those fashions should stay in the 90's; but, some of those fashions make sense today. Take silver, charms, and even chains; in the right layout and right size, those trends can be perfect for showing off exactly who you are, and showing a fashionable sense of nostalgia. RDC352.jpg 

We're not saying you need to go get a charm bracelet, or put saftey pins in your ears. Instead we recommend finding simple earrings that show off something you love, like anchors. Or maybe wearing a bracelet with more subtle chain like qualities, instead of the actual bike chain from the 90's. And to keep it in your budget, buy things in sterling silver!

Take every fashion you see on the runway with a grain of salt. But don't hesitate to make it your own! After all that's a theme of the 90's.


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