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Fall Fashion Trend: Earrings
By: Dee ~ 10/6/2016

TDC188i.jpgThe last fall trend we want to introduce is two Earring styles: Button and Duster (shoulder length). 


And the beauty of these two styles, is that you can incorporate all the previous Fall Jewelry styles into these! Button earrings are simply earrings that have no dangling pieces. While diamond studs have their own trend, and definition, they would still be considered a button earring. When shopping and searching for Button earrings, just look for earrings that rest flat on your earlobe.

Duster earrings are any earring the dust the shoulder. But, if that seems too long, then opt for short dangling earrings. The trend is simply to showcase the versatility of dangling earrings. 

Both style of earrings do well at showcasing the other Fall Trends, so again: Mix and match these trends to create a personal style that has everyone Falling in love with your sense of style.