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October-Tourmaline: Wear it PINK!
By: Dee ~ 10/20/2016

ROL1025PKS_Chain.jpgOctober has the good fortune to be the bearer of two distinct birthstone choices. We've already shared on what makes Opal great; so now it's Tourmaline's chance. 

This gemstone has the distinction of having the widest range of colors! Indeed when it was first discovered in the 1500's, it was confused as an emerald, until scientist were able to label it in the 1800's as it's own gemstone. It earned the name Tourmaline, which comes from a Sinhalese term, toramalli, meaning "mixed gem". Across history this stone is likely to have been used in place of other gems by mere mistaken identity. 3144_0.jpg

In today's world, this stone is sought after for it's incredible color range. It's most notable, and sought after, color being pink. Which is perfect again for the month of October, as it is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Companies around the world showcase their pink tourmaline jewelry, and many companies even put part of their proceeds towards Breast Cancer research.

So if you are looking to wear something besides opal, and something that raises awareness for a magnificent cause, look no further than Tourmaline.

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