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Tricks and Treats!
By: Dee ~ 10/27/2016

It's that time of year again! 

Tricks or Treats, and they don't just have to be for candy anymore! Look at our selections of jewelry that offer a great play on the Trick or Treat idea!

Dancing Diamonds are an amazing kind of jewelry. The center diamond of these pieces continually moves with you, making your jewelry sparkle even more.

Gems-ROL-stud.jpgThe Belt Ring, functions exactly like a belt. This creative trick makes this treat a perfect fit on any finger.  


Halo Engagement Rings are another fantastic trick to help boost the center diamond's natural radiance to make it look bigger! Planning a proposal anytime soon? Definitely take a look at the Halo collections!


Diamond Jackets, similar to halo's, can be added to diamond studs to increase the radiance and brilliance. And with all the different "jackets" you can change up your studs to suit your everyday style!

  5d2dc8c1-0571-4ad7-83af-a293011595ef.jpg       halo earring jacket.jpg


Ring guards, and ring enhacers, are an easy trick as they are the perfect compliment to your engagment ring or wedding band. They ehance the look of the ring on your finger, to make for a bigger profile.