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November Birthstone-Citrine & Topaz
By: Dee ~ 11/10/2016

Vivii4.jpgNovember is a month for giving thanks, and Novemebr babies should be thankful for their birthstones, Citrine and Topaz. Why? Because Citrine is a very rare natural gemstone. Most Citrine stones are lab treated, by heating Amythest, to get their tawny color. And topaz has the ability to come in many different colors, allowing you to choose your favorite!RDC322.jpg

Historically, any rare citrine was confused for regular topaz. Now-a-days, though, Cirtine's color makes it one of the most sought after "yellow stones".

Topaz is linked to the ancient Greeks, in regards to the ideals the held of the stone. They would wear it for strength, and many scientist believe it was named after an island, Topazios. 

Other countries in Europe believed the stone could break spells and dispel anger. In India, wearers believe the stone will grant them beauty, long life and intelligence. 

For more information, check out the GIA! Read here for Citrine, and here for Topaz!


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